Life is a game where we try to remember what the soul already knows !

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We don’t have to wait until we die to return to the source but find the stillness within which is the source the un manifested within.This is the place of true wisdom and real intelligence.If we don’t find the source which is just beneath the mental noise we stumble through life in confusion and sorrow.You will deal with whatever life brings you with ease you become tolerant and amused at things most people worry about.You realise that nothing is really that important ,tomorrow it will feel like a dream.

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Proof that we are a Physical manifestation of the Universe-where else could we come from, we couldn’t come IN to the Universe so we must have come OUT of it. Proof that God is the Universe- All religions state that we were created by God .

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Subconscious fighting

The logical thinking part of the triune brain does not like or understand fighting and self defence and neither is it capable of it.

For real fighting it is subconscious power which we use .

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We are never upset/depressed for the reason we believe but because we have strayed from presence. The brain will then scan its contents to find a reason for the way we feel.Be ‘Here- Now’ where there are no problems as they are all in the past or imagined future and you will find yourself at peace.Check out my Twitter(Athos@KenpoTaiji) for portals into presence(Consciousness).

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In last months Blog we discussed the ‘complete fighting system of Dim Mak’which incorporates Reptile brain,Eagle vision, Fa Jing No mind and of course Dim mak’s pressure points.

The whole system is geared toward gaining access to, and striking these most dangerous points, therefore this month,we will take an in depth look at some of the more practical points to use for fighting and self defence, and how and why striking them could lead to KO or even death.

A well balanced, unimpeded flow of Chi is essential for life and well being. It stands to reason therefore that disrupting this energy (Chi) flow would result in a KO,paralysis or even death.

This energy can be seen as an electric current which runs throughout our body enabling it to work. Just like any electrical appliance will not work without electricity, without the flow of Chi we die.

It is therefore useful

to study the internal energy structure of the human body in order to gain a better understanding of how the KO points we will be learning about actually work.

The body has 12 main meridians which Chinese medicine considers as rivers of Chi,mostly attached to the main organs,namely:

• Liver

• Lung

• Gall Bladder

• Large Intestine

• Stomach

• Spleen

• Heart

• Small Intestine

• Bladder

• Kidney

• Pericardium

• Triple Warmer

Each meridian is actually a pair of mirror-image channels on either side of the body. One is connected with one of the organs named above, while the other end is connected to a toe or finger. Whilst the meridians are rivers of chi the internal organs themselves may be thought of as reserves of energy. There are also eight extra meridians which may be thought of as reservoirs used to store excess energy.

Two of the eight extra meridians are of particular importance for our purpose. These are the Conceptor Vessel situated on the midline of the front of the body, supplying Yin energy to the bodies 6 Yin meridians and the Governor Vessel situated on the midline of the back of the body supplying Yang energy to the bodies 6 Yang meridians.A strike to either of these 2 vessels of chi would obviously prove very dangerous as the meridians they are supplying chi too, would also be affected.

There are also millions of other Chi channels spreading out from the meridians, which distribute Chi to every cell in the body, nourishing the skin, hair eyes nails etc. and also inward to the bone marrow to maintain the production of blood cells. The channels also connect the organs, enabling them to communicate and co-operate with each other.

We have already said that for the body to be healthy, the Chi must flow smoothly and continuously in the channels. Therefore, by disrupting this energy flow, we can cause failure of the corresponding organ, paralysis to parts of the body, knock-out, death or even a delayed death, which,in some cases,may occur days, weeks, months or even years after the strike.

Chinese Martial Artists have discovered over 700 such points known as Dim-Mak or Pressure Points situated along these meridians which, when struck in certain directions, would cause the body to react in the manner mentioned above. These are the same points used by Acupuncturists to adjust the flow of Chi by inserting needles.

Dim-Mak is probably the highest accomplishment in the Martial Arts.

Fa Jing :

However, the force used to strike these points must be sufficient to affect the relevant meridian, because while some points are very close to the surface, others are deeper within the body,

for which we will need the explosive penetrating power of a Fa Jing strike.

Fa-jing,which translates to explosive energy release,is the ‘Engine’ of Dim-Mak as it is the only way to transfer adverse energy into an opponent’s Dim-Mak points causing a K.O. or worse. We gain Fa-jing power which is explosive as well as extremely powerful by combining physical muscle strength with internal energy (chi) making it as much as 7 x more powerful than pure physical strikes, which are only push power and lack the deadly penetrating power of Fa Jing.

Set up points:

A strike to major points,may be made even more powerful and the results even more devastating by striking ‘set up’points, mainly situated along the arms,prior to striking the main points.

The most practical set up points include,Heart(H)5,Lung(Lu)8Pericardium(P)6,Heart(H)3 Lung(Lu)5 on the inside of the arm.Simply striking with either a palm, heel or hand-sword strike, it would be difficult to miss at least one of these points.

Triple Warmer(Tw)5,8 and 9,amongst others are on the outside of the arm.

Energy (Chi) flows in an upward direction on the inside of the arm and downwards on the outside of the arm.

Lung 8 and heart 5 are situated approximately 1 inch from the wrist line. Striking these points in a downward direction or squeezing and pulling would drain energy from the body through the Kd.1 point situated on the feet,weakening the opponent and making major point strikes far more potent.

If struck in the direction of the natural flow,chi is added to main points causing an internal explosion, again making main point strikes far more potent.

A strike straight in would impede the natural energy flow and draw energy to them from other parts of the body to repair the damage,making strikes to main points,which are now devoid of sufficient energy, far more potent.

Strikes to the outside of the arm will have to be in the opposite direction to have the same result,due to the natural flow of energy being in the opposite direction.

ALL such strikes cause energy disruption to the normal flow of chi.

Main point strikes:

We will now take a look at some of the more useful and indeed most practical major points used for fighting and self defence.


Like all Gall Bladder points this is an excellent KO Point.Situated at the back of the head at the point where it is at its roundest.

To achieve a certain KO, it is best to strike this point in an upward direction ,towards the top of the head.

By going forward and evading the attack at a 45 degree angle whilst slamming the outside of his arm as we do so, we are able to strike the Triple warmer set up points on the outside of his arm,making the strike to Gb.19 far more potent.

There are also many important nerves situated in this area of the skull and a heavy strike to this point in this direction could result in some serious damage even if we missed Gb.19


This point is situated behind the ear,just below the earlobe and the little hollow,and in toward the jawbone.

As well as being an extreme death point when struck with pressure due to the fact that it causes severe energy drainage from the body,it can also be used as an effective controlling point by applying relatively light pressure in toward the back of the jaw .

By going forward and evading the attack at a 45 degree angle whilst slamming the outside of his knife arm as we do so, we are able to strike the Triple warmer set up points making the the strike to TW17, far more potent.

The direction of a strike to this point,or when used as a controlling point must be from the back of the head toward us when in front of him and facing him.

We would be justified using such a dangerous point against a knife as our life would obviously be at risk.


I always tell my students that if they should ever find themselves in a ‘tight spot’,where their life is at risk or are likely to suffer serious injury,to always strike to the throat.Although the eyes and groin may also be good targets they both have natural protection,the eyes by closing and the groin by instinctively closing our legs,whereas the throat has no such automatic defence mechanism.

There are many highly dangerous dim mak points on the throat which if struck could lead to KO,death or even delayed death in the case of St.9,which is situated one inch either side of the top of the Adam’s apple.However I have covered this point in previous articles as indeed I have CV.22,another very useful point situated in the pit of the neck.

We will therefore,in this article,be taking an in depth look at Stomach(St)10,which is situated approximately one inch below St.9 ,close to the base of the Addams apple and on either side of it ,as all points have mirror images on either side of the body.

A strike to this point at an angle in an inward direction toward the back of the head will cause the heart to stop beating,resulting in certain death .

It is as dangerous as St.9,if not more so,but has to be struck with greater accuracy ,which is probably why St.9 is more popular .We are more likely to achieve the required result if we were to use a smaller weapon against St.10,such a the tips of the fingers,whereas we can use a handsword against St.9 making it a much easier target.

The attack will become even more potent if we use Pc.6 as a set up point, to disrupt the natural energy flow in various different ways.By striking It straight in,we would impede the energy flow and as energy rushes there from the rest of the body to repair the damage it will leave St.10,more vulnerable to attack.

If struck in the opposite direction to the natural flow of energy it will drain the body of energy weakening it again making the strike to the main point more potent,and if struck in the same direction as the energy flow it will add too much energy to the point causing an ‘internal explosion’ and therefore severe damage when struck.

The power,direction and our intention will determine the outcome of a Dim Mak strike.

For instance if Liver14(Li 14) situated below the pectoral where it makes a crease is struck, using medium to hard pressure from left to right or right to left,it will result in KO or blurred vision which could lead to blindness.

However if this same point is struck straight in it leads to extreme anxiety and other mind problems as well as a possible KO.

Similarly if Gall Bladder(Gb)14 situated approximately 1″above the middle of the eyebrow on the forehead is struck,again using medium to hard pressure,in a downward direction,with a palm heel for instance,it will cause energy drainage from the lower body resulting in a possible KO.

If however this same point(Gb.14) Is struck in an upward direction it will cause a rush of energy to the brain which will have the equivalent effect to a sunstroke,leading to a possible KO.Therefore if someone for instance is red with rage it means there is too much energy in his head and by striking Gb.14 in an upward direction would add even more energy to the brain leading to a type of internal explosion and certain KO or even death.

A strike straight in to this point will not be as effective as the other two options but may still cause a KO.

Striking set up points prior to strikes to these main points,could result in far greater damage,possibly resulting in death instead of a KO.

Athos Antoniades is a 9th Dan Black belt,and a Kenpo Taiji and Tai chi(Dim mak) instructor. He holds classes in Finchley ,North London.

Visit our website at:

www.martialarts-London.Co. Uk

Lung 8 and heart 5 are situated approximately 1 inch from wrist line. Striking these points in a downward direction or squeezing and pulling would cause energy

simply striking in a downward direction, with either a palm, heel or hand-sword strike, it would be difficult to miss at least one of these points.n

Antidote: gently massage lu6 and h6 toward you.

Pericardium 6 is situated approximately 3 inches from the wrist line. It causes energy drainage when struck. Antidote: if struck straight in press in on point. If struck in downward direction, knock the opposite side of arm in the same spot (tw5&6) in a downward direction.

Gall bladder 20 (gb.20) is situated at the base of the skull on both sides in the depression between the front and back neck muscles 1 inch above the posterior hairline. Gall bladder 21 (gb.21) is situated at the top of the shoulders and is quite painful if pressed. Normally used to drain excess energy from the head by pressing down on these points and brushing outwards.

Governor vessel 26 (gv26) is located on the upper third of the space between the base of the nose and the upper lip.

Meridian point: Gall Bladder 14 (gb.14). Location: above middle of eyebrow – approx. 1 inch up. Method of attack: palm heel strike in a downward direction will cause energy drainage which would result in a knockout if the strike is not too hard. A hard strike may result in death. Antidote: press gall bladder 20 (gb.20) in an upward direction into the skull use cpr if heart stops.

Meridian point Gall Bladder 20 (gb20). Method of attack: a palm heel strike in an upward direction will cause excessive energy to rush to the brain causing k.o. Possible death, if the strike is too hard.. Antidote: rub gb 20 down toward the base of the neck also push gall bladder 21 (gb.21) away from neck toward outer shoulders. Cpr may be necessary.

Meridian point: gall bladder 3 (gb.3). Location: temple. Method of attack: hook or roundhouse punch will cause k.o. or death, depending on the power of the strike. A middle finger strike to this point would almost lead to certain death. May also be attacked with other weapons such as palm heel or reverse back-knuckle. Antidote: only cpr. There is a small artery below this point which may cause internal bleeding into the brain. Death will occur within 3 days if not rushed to hospital.

Meridian point: Gall Bladder 14 (gb.14). Location: above middle of eyebrow – approx. 1 inch up. Method of attack: palm heel strike in a downward direction will cause energy drainage which would result in a knockout if the strike is not too hard. A hard strike may result in death. Antidote: press gall bladder 20 (gb.20) in an upward direction into the skull and use cpr.

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It is a scientific fact, that we do not have one but three brains inside our heads.Dr.Paul Maclean a neuroscientist developed the famous TRIUNE BRAIN theory in the 1950’s,in which he concluded that the three distinct brains were developed successively in the course of evolution and now make up the complete human brain.Ancient Chinese masters have been aware of this fact for many centuries.

The three parts of the brain are interdependent on each other and therefore influence one onother,a fact which we make use of in the Martial Arts.

In this article we will look at the very significant influence of each of these brains and their interrelationship, to the Martial Arts.

Our approach will be to first take a general look at the constituent parts of the human brain,and then take an in depth look at their relevance to the Martial Arts.

Therefore we are now aware of the fact that, as well as the logical intellectual thinking brain,known as the NEOMMAMALLIAN which constitutes 90% of our overall brain,we also have two other brains.The PALEOMMAMALLIAN also known as the Limbic System comprises 5%of the overall brain and is our Artistic or Body mind responsible for Subconscious body movement.Emotional behaviour and maternal and paternal instincts are also evident in the

Paleommamallian brain.Physical exercises/activities are very important during the development of this brain as it is our body mind and teaches a child artistic stuff.

The remaining 5% comprises the oldest of the three brains and it is the REPTILIAN,situated in the Brain stem.This is a

purely reflex brain with no emotions and is our survival brain.It controls the body’s vital functions such as breathing ,heart rate and the ‘FIGHT or FLIGHT”mechanism,which has obvious relevance to the Martial Arts.This is where we instinctively know when the odds are in our favour if we stay and fight,or that we would be wise to attempt to escape the situation as the odds are stacked against us!

Unlike animals which also have the Paleommamallian brain, Reptiles only have the Reptilian Brain and have no maternal/paternal instincts and therefore abandon their newborn at birth.

Humans are the only mammal which have all three brains.Animals have two the Paleomammalian and Reptilian(80/20),and Reptiles only have the Reptilian brain,which is why they are always in survival mode.

Evidently therefore,the Reptile brain is the only part of the brain that we use when we are first born.This is our survival brain and we can’t learn with it,we can only survive with it.A child up to age of around 2 relies solely upon instinct ,sensory stuff and reflexes.Some parents are so ignorant slapping a child of this age as it has no way of learning what is right or wrong.The child will only begin to understand when the Paleommamallian begins to develop .If a child is slapped whilst still in Reptile mode it will go into survival mode .Obviously it cannot fight back so it cries,that is all it can do ! Onother example of the Reptilian brain at work is the fact that a child does not know that if it fell down the stairs it will injure itself,but if it happens it will attempt to hold onto something ,and in many cases it will not venture past the edge,because the Reptile brain is looking after it.

Nowadays the survival aspects of the Reptilian Brain have become more or less redundant in our daily lives,except for those of us training in the Martial Arts,specifically the Internal/Survival arts.

This is because the Neomammalian which as we’ve seen comprises 90%of our overall brain,is too refined and does not like or understand fighting.Therefore in Kenpo Taiji and other Internal/Survival arts we learn to release the wild animal within if attacked,by accessing our Reptilian Brain.

We need to do this as humans are not natural fighters,our most likely response to an attack,being to cower in fear or freeze .

In Reptile Brain Mode it will be inner or subconscious power which manifests as fighting power if attacked,and not physical thought power.

Humans have to learn how to access it and go into survival mode,should the situation warrant it,because unlike Reptiles which only have the Reptilian brain and are therefore always in Survival mode ,or wild animals who enter it instinctively if attacked,humans must train diligently in specific internal Training Methods and Chi Kung exercises such as ‘The Post’and the ‘Reptilian Brain Chi Kung’featured in detail in a recent issue of MAI and also taught in detail in my ‘Street Survival’DVD in order to enter it when necessary.

By training in these and other methods,we too,like wild animals will instinctively go into Reptile Brain Mode if attacked.Our attacker will then be confronted by a raging wild animal and not the placid person he thought he was attacking.This is something which I have experienced on various occasions and the expression on my potential attackers face when they see the transformation is a revelation!

The Paleommamallian brain which as we’ve seen is our artistic or body mind also plays a significant part when training in Survival Martial Arts.As mentioned earlier,at the age of around 2 years old (this may vary slightly) the Paleommamallian(aka limbic system) begins to develop.This is our artistic or body mind and begins to teach children about things through play.It is wrong and very difficult to teach children of this age about reading and writing ,maths or science.This should not be taught to a child until the age of around 7(may vary slightly) when the Neomammalian ,which is our intellectual ,logical thinking brain begins to kick-in.To attempt to do so prematurely will prove detrimental to the child’s development .This has been scientifically proven so it is baffling why schools continue to teach reading,writing and maths before the logical brain has even began to develop by forcing them to use their artistic/body mind to do so.This will adversely affect a child’s artistic and sporting abilities.

Only when the Neomammalian brain begins to develop at the age of around 7 should a child be taught through language and text.Prior to this the child should be allowed to develop their Artistic/Body mind through play and body movement activities therefore developing their artistic and sporting abilities,essential of course for the martial arts.They have the rest of their lives to learn through language and text so what’s the hurry?.

Fortunately in recent years some schools such as Steiner and to some degree Montessori have awakened to this fact and are not teaching logical stuff such as maths ,science and so on,before the age of 7.instead they place emphasis on what is natural to the child until then,playing ,sport and other artistic stuff.This will allow the child to reach adulthood a much more balanced individual.If logical stuff such as maths is learned as a game of some form then the limbic system can learn to a degree ,but,certainly not maths just for the sake of it.

Although this part of the brain,which as we’ve seen is our body or artistic mind,develops primarily between the ages of ‘2 to 7’ all is not lost! Irrespective of age or gender we can still programme /re-programme the Paleommamallian with fighting principles for the Martial Arts,which will become a reflex action in Reptilian Brain Mode.We need to do this because just by entering the Reptilian Brain may not be enough for fighting as we do not have the venom of the snake or sharp teeth/claws, Super strength and agility of most animals.We must therefore also learn how to fight,and I don’t mean just punching and kicking which are only our weapons for fighting.I mean the ‘way to fight’but,not by attempting to formalise it by using set patterns based on logical pre-arranged techniques,as fighting is totally illogical and unpredictable and we cannot apply logic to an illogical situation.

Fighting must be a Spontaneous Subconscious reflex action,as we stated above,It must be subconscious power which manifests as fighting power and not physical thought power.The Reptilian Brain is a purely reflex brain which will act in accordance with how the other 2 brains are programmed.

Wild animals programme their Paleommamallian by play fighting with family and friends from a very early age whereas humans,are pampered and protected as babies,at the expense of the development of their survival instincts and fighting ability.

The only way our artistic/body mind may be programmed /re-programmed in later life,with moves more useful for fighting such as,attack instead of defence,timing,element of surprise by upsetting their switches,Fa Jing striking instead of pushing or pulling,Dim Mak,and many others,is by using ‘body movement methods’ and not language or text which is how the Neommamallian is programmed .

The only way to do this is by either using:

ABSTRACT TRAINING METHODS which are Internal Fighting Exercises’not understood by the Neommamallian and therefore filter through to the Paleomammalian, programming it with fighting principles which will become a subconscious reflex action when in Reptile Brain mode.Examples are the Tai Chi form (when taught correctly),Push hands and Dragon Prawn Boxing(Long Har Chuan).These are 4 distinct LHC exercises based on the Tai Chi form,the first of which is demonstrated in photo Sequence (A).

Similarly ‘tecniques’ and training methods based on ‘NATURAL BODY MOVEMENT METHODS’ will also programme/re-programme the Paleommamallian with moves more useful for fighting .These are moves which are natural to the human body and therefore do not have to be thought about.Look at photo sequence(B).What’s more natural than pushing a knife which someone is thrusting at you away from you !,through training the subconscious we will convert the ‘push’into a violent Fa Jing attack to the attacking arm forcing it away from us at great force,and giving us ample time to counter with a rapid succession of Fa Jing strikes to the attackers Dim Mak points,knocking him out,or even worse!The same principle will apply against an empty hand attack or any other weapon attack.These moves will then become a Subconscious reflex action when we are in Reptile Brain Mode.

Unnatural body moves,such as the traditional Block/Punch will never become a reflex action as they cannot programme the Subconscious.

In Kenpo Taiji the Subconscious is programmed with Fighting principles by using ‘Techniques’and Training methods based on ‘Abstract Training Methods ‘and ‘Natural Body Movement’methods,in order to make it more interesting for the student but by the time these are learned as self defence methods the fighting principles will be learned by the subconscious,never to be unlearned.

The more we train in these methods the greater our ability will be to fight at a subconscious reflex level.They will change us from being reflexively defensive to reflexively offensive with the body moving in an integrated and connected manner.WE USE THE PHYSICAL TO TRAIN THE INTERNAL,AND THE INTERNAL(SUBCONSCIOUS ) WILL THEN DIRECT THE PHYSICAL,totally eliminating thinking ,something we do not have the luxury of in a fight.We become ‘Masters of Adaptability’ adhering to the Tao,by going with the flow,not,opposing it.

In summary then,we have so far said that we practice in training methods which will instinctively release the wild animal within by entering our Reptilian Brain if attacked or when the situation warrants it,as basically humans do not like fighting.We have also seen that the Reptile brain is a purely reflex brain and as we do not have the venom of the snake or sharp claws/teeth,Superstrength and agility of most wild animals,we must also learn how to fight by programming/re-programming the second brain to evolve in the evolutionary process,the Paleommamallian,with fighting principles which may be used in any fight whether it be empty hand or against a weapon.We do this by using ‘Abstract Training Methods’and/or ‘Natural Body Movement Methods’ The reptile brain will then act in accordance with these fighting principles making us a most formidable opponent.

The question now remains,what is the role of the intellectual,logical thinking brain,the Neomammalian ,in our survival(as opposed to sport)Martial Arts training.This is by far the largest part of the human brain comprising 90%of it,and it’s role,is significant in 2 ways.

The first of which may keep us out of jail!It is this part of the brain which differentiates us from animals in a fight.Any wild animal or Reptile of course,will not only fight to survive but will almost always go for the kill!,unless its opponent knows it has been defeated,goes into ‘flight’mode and manages to run away and escape.The Neomammalian in humans will prevent us,in most cases,from going for the kill due to the fact that because it is an intellectual,logical ,thinking brain it does not really like fighting,and will therefore know to stop when we have survived the situation which threatened our survival.It is so large relative to the other 2 brains inside our heads that it will override their intent or inclination to kill,when it is not necessary to do so for our survival.

There is however another aspect to the use of the Neomammalian for street survival .This part of the brain has a Conscious and a Subconscious part,as indeed the Paleommamallian has in animals,even though it is totally subconscious in the human brain.

The conscious part is capable of thinking only one conscious thought at a time.

Our thoughts,life experiences,emotions and knowledge will programme the subconscious part of the Neomammalian ,which will in turn set about creating our world for us,by directing the conscious,whether it be for self defence,or any other aspect of our life.The physical body will then always act in accordance with the conscious as it always works in harmony with it.

It therefore follows that we can enhance our ability to survive an altercation by taking control of how our Neomammalian subconscious is programmed with,which may be done by either using Affirmations,self suggestion,Subliminal persuasion,hypnosis/self hypnosis or other means to programme/re programme it.This will in turn direct the conscious mind and therefore it’s ally,the body,to act accordingly.

If the conscious mind and body are left to their own devices with no direction from the subconscious they are likely to act like the proverbial horse and cart without a driver.More likely to freeze or cower in fear if we are attacked ,due to negative thinking or past experiences.Although this is unlikely to happen if we are in Reptile Brain mode,our response and efficiency are likely to be much more effective if we have programmed the Subconscious part of the Neomammalian with positive suggestions such as’I am prepared to defend myself at all times with maximum aggression power,speed and perfect timing’or I am developing explosive speed and explosive penetrating power’.

The Conscious mind does not need to be aware of the subconscious in order to be directed by it in the way that it has been programmed.

The Japanese Ninja are trained to be able to’Master Self ‘by entering the Subconscious,thus,enabling it to direct the conscious mind and body in the manner that it has been programmed,by linking their fingers together in a specific manner.This is something that I have been working on for many years,with some success.

The Reptilian Brain will act in accordance with how the other two brains are programmed.

We can therefore conclude that by learning to enter our Reptilian Brain and programming the other 2 brains as described above,

Mind(Subconscious ),Body and Spirit(Energy),will work in harmony with each other causing the body to move in an integrated and connected manner with maximum efficiency to protect us in any self defence situation .

Triune brain pic. From internet

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